EABL Suppliers

Developing strong relationships with Suppliers helps ensure that Suppliers essential to our operations are sustainable, that contracts are fair and that the business we conduct together is mutually beneficial. Supplier relationships are managed by our procurement team who ensure that what we buy represents the best value in terms of cost, quality, service and innovation. 


To ensure that our Suppliers are aligned to our ways of working, we have developed the ‘Partnering with Suppliers’ document that sets out our minimum compliance standards which we expect our Suppliers to have in place and which we enforce contractually. 


As an international company we recognise that achieving these standards and aspirations presents unique challenges in different countries. Therefore we understand that while there will be varying degrees of performance, we will strive for continuous improvement with our suppliers and we will consistently drive up standards together to achieve excellence. We also appreciate that the way we work to achieve the standards will evolve and we will consistently offer support to our suppliers in achieving minimum standards.


Our key areas of engagement with our suppliers include:

  • Ethical business practices
  • The protection of human rights
  • Health & Safety standards
  • The reduction of environmental impact through the supply chains of which
    we are a part
  • Working with suppliers to create a more positive role for alcohol in society

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