KBL Kicks off Mt. Kenya Forest Restoration
Apr 25, 2017

Kenya Breweries Limited, through its staff driven initiative, Kijani, today commenced the restoration of 250 acres of Mt Kenya Forest starting with the area around Naro Moru. The team, in partnership with Nature Kenya and 5 Community Forest Associations (CFA’s), namely Hombo, Kabaru, Naro Moru, Gathiuru and Ngare- Ndare, planted 5000 trees. This tree planting is one of many that KBL plans to hold in the region within the next two years. This follows the recent partnership announcement between Kenya Breweries and Nature Kenya.


Speaking during the function at Naro Moru, KBL Finance Director and Patron of Kijani, Kinya Kimotho said that the company had set aside Ksh8 million to support project.


“This project will, not only contribute to reforestation, but also support over 30,000 beneficiaries around the Mt. Kenya Forest. We are working closely with 5 CFA’s who will produce the seeds, plant them and nurture the trees.” Said Ms. Kimotho.


The Mt. Kenya ecosystem provides water to key national parks, generates half of the country’s total hydropower, and supplies 95% of Nairobi’s water. It is an important water catchment area since it is the source of the Ewaso Nyiro and Tana River systems, which are vital to Kenya’s economic development, food security and energy generation.


Unfortunately, this vital ecosystem is undergoing serious degradation. Deforestation remains the greatest threat facing the Mt. Kenya forest. This threat has impacted negatively on the quality and quantity of water flowing downstream. Over the years there has been a decrease in water volume due to forest cover loss. Hydropower and water abstraction reservoirs have become silted with sediments, significantly raising water treatment costs. Rapid urban population growth and unprecedented industrial activity have further increased water stress levels.


To reverse this worrying trend, KBL has committed to restore 250 acres in the region partnering with the communities to plant 100,000 tree seedlings. The company urges other corporates to do their part in ensuring the sustainability of this and other forests for the country’s economic development.