Our Communities

We believe that our business can only thrive in a healthy community environment. Our success is therefore reliant on sustainable growth and development of our local communities.

Working with our partners, local stakeholders and the communities themselves, EABL contributes to community sustainability by providing local jobs, building local talent and leadership, fostering an enterprise culture throughout our value chain, sourcing from local businesses where feasible and addressing local concerns through community investment programmes. We undertake this through our community investment strategy that supports a wider, holistic approach to local economic development driven by the following focus areas;

Water access

Water is life. There are many communities in East Africa that have no access to clean, safe water. This is due to reasons such as lack of rainfall and poor infrastructure. In response to this, EABL Foundation has continuously partnered with various agencies in the provision of safe, reliable and sustainable water supply to communities living in water-stressed areas. Through our Water of Life programme, we support projects that help combat water poverty by improving access to clean drinking water and sanitation. We continue to invest heavily in water projects that have positive and long-term impact on thousands of people by: reducing the incidence of water borne diseases and by releasing time otherwise spent by women and children in search of water for alternative income generating activities.

Skills for Life

Our Skills for Life program provides education and training to help prepare participants for employment in a variety of industries throughout our local communities. This initiative enables people and communities to fulfill their potential and improve their life prospects. EABL accorded this focus area unreserved attention by applying a significant investment in the university education of bright but needy students throughout East Africa. To date, over 180 students have benefited from our Scholarship Program.

Other community investment

We aim to address local need by supporting our employees as community volunteers in various capacities. We also actively respond to major disasters in our communities through emergency relief, long-term rehabilitation projects and support for employees' fundraising efforts. For more information on our local economic development impacts and the progress our community investments are making, please visit our Foundation website.